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So all in all, the max amount of plates are handled via a CBA setting.. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America),, private _vehicle, The damage of each projectile will be multiplied by this number, Each projectile will be limited to a max of this much damage, "A3\Sounds_F\characters\human-sfx\Person1\P1_breath_high_14_z.wss", Better not making a unit fall uncouncious while burning. The system uses textured sheets that are precut with registration holes and pre-printed.TPU sheets are vacuum formed over each side of the body armor plate. This page was last edited on 17 November 2021, at 16:39. Protect your gun from scratches at the shooting range with ARMA-Mat. Nor can the submunition feature be used as a workaround (it is also bugged for missiles, and limited/unreliable for anything other than high-trajectory artillery shells). This yields accurate penetration values and ballistic trajectory. Perhaps values from 0.01 to 0.25 of ballistic protection is considered low, values from 0.25 to 0.5 is medium and anything above 0.5 is heavy. (BI seems to have taken up the idea, and is creeping up armorStructural values in more recent configs). Now let's consider two different approaches to hitpoint "stacking": In the first example, hitpoint spheres are stacked so they do not overlap. This mod also includes new UI elements such as damage direction indicators, on-hit sound indicators, and downed icons in 3D space. The game does (instantly) calculate the precise depth of a partial penetration for the purpose of determining whether any hitpoint radii were hit. This keybind can be changed. In general if you use parts of mods in personal, never to be released and shared mods, that is totally fine. The whole system works with the plate data attached to the vest container, if that container is gone, so are the plates. A projectile is headed for the target. Several factors affect the amount of damage taken: obviously the hit value of the weapon is important, but various weapon & target config values are also involved (minimalHit, explosive, etc.). When product testing is complete, these and other products will become available for sale. The same is true if the projectile fully penetrates (as with Case A), but does not penetrate the Hitpoint-radius. Essentially yes.

Right now. i.e. No other target material properties (Density, etc.) Due to damage to all locations, damage to global health can be very high and somewhat hard to calculate.

This information is somewhat old and will be replaced with a new wiki for the RAM update coming in Q1 of 2015.).

Going for the head will still work as before. The armor plates have their own amount of HP which will act as a layer above the units HP.

These projectiles still use the same two properties as Bullet/Shells to determine their trajectories, but add some more (all in CfgAmmo): initTime, thrust, thrustTime, and maxSpeed. In the diagram above, attacks A-D are examples of direct attacks (indirectHit & indirectHitRange = 0). All rights reserved. BI ignores penetration effects for these weapons and relies on exaggerated hit/indirectHit values to cause target damage. The projectile will terminate here or travel on through the target if it has penetration power remaining to do so. The target's global health is generally damaged the most. And you need to be sure that you can insert this model into your mod. This item requires all of the following other items, Standalone Arma 3 Alternative Medical System, Project Injury Reaction + Armor Plates System. If the hit values are high enough, this initial impact alone can destroy the target (essentially by knocking out global health) regardless of penetration! I cannot create 3d models" - But I'm a 3D modeler! (RAM fixes this bug/limitation--and adds some new features along the way--with some scripting). But they should not be so heavily protected that they are immune to large-scale indirectHit weapons (IED's, laser-guided-bombs, etc.). QUIRK! they arent in VA, nor have i found one in any body or box so far. Please see the. Precut to size for scratch and impact Arma's penetration simulation is very detailed and takes all these factors into account to generate an accurate "line-of-sight" path of a projectile through vehicle materials/armor. It's important to understand that penetration and damage are not exactly the same thing in Arma 3--they have a slightly indirect relationship. explosive = 0.5 means half the damage falls off with speed and half does not). The system uses textured sheets that are precut with registration holes and pre-printed.TPU sheets are vacuum formed over each side of the body armor plate. of the location's hitpoint vertices in the vehicle's P3D model. In vanilla A3, the effects of armor are largely ignored by the damage system. "airFriction" ceases to be a factor unless the projectile makes it is way through the target back out into open air. These values are usually much lower in RAM than vanilla A3 (i.e. "manuevrability" controls the rate of turning ability (mass may also play a role here--in that higher mass M/R's have a harder time turning due to momentum--but testing is required to confirm this). If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. For damage to occur, a vehicle must have: In Simple terms: an attack must simultaneously penetrate both fire geometry and a hitpoint radius to cause the most damage to a vehicle. If your limbs or your head gets hit, it will react as ACE medical normally would. Indirect damage: same as indirectHit above.

(See the Config Properties Mega-List for an explanation of the properties themselves. By All of these features can be disabled or customized under Armor Plates System inside Addon Options. "sideAirFriction" is used like airFriction to create drag, but in the lateral axes (as the missile turns to follow a target). I cannot really do anything about that. A script-based approach must be used to enable those weapon types to penetrate armor correctly. However, test results indicate that this is not true in every case, not matching any formula that has been floating around on various other damage related pages. The second vehicle will take only trivial damage from non-penetrating hits. Guided missiles on the other hand (simulation = "maverickweapon") broadcast their trajectory over the network, generating much more data traffic in multiplayer every time one is in flight. Use accurate thicknesses, accurate angles, and accurate materials. Nah, it was decided on a gameplay and implementation level that all vests will have the same "plate slots". It is only visible to you. Another Top notch contribution as we have come to expectfrom @diwako. Originally this system was created to accommodate the play style used by the streamer Beagle over at, though as usual I want to share this with the whole community. If the projectile can penetrate the target's armor, it will continue moving and doing damage as it goes.

Diecut shapes can be pre-printed with durable inks per DOD font, location and testing requirements. And, yes, this description holds true for human targets (shoot someone in the hand, and their head will take some damage). If the caliber value is > 0, but not high enough to penetrate through the block's material, it will also kill. This is also a consequence of the penetration code 'shortcut'. ARMA Products engineers and materials experts have been designing products for the outdoor and sports enthusiast. Please use the GitHub link below and create issues for enhancement requests or bug reports. ARMA-ID TPU is a black TPU film Label provided kisscut to size in roll form on 3" cores.

One of the reasons that (stock) Arma vehicles take damage in the somewhat puzzling way that they do is due to their choice of hitpoint placement. Only a portion of the directDamage of the projectile will be dealt to the Hitpoint.

This occurs frequently in Arma 3 vehicles. Quick question: I imagine that each different armor has different Plates capacity? kirby draeger m48 morgan dive lar mask mod appear to factor in to the simulation. When product testing is complete is complete, these and other products will become available for sale. Like low armor suports 1 plate while the biggest amors support 3 plates? If I have all this, then I could make a high quality model for you. Attack E is an example of an indirectHit attack. Powered by Invision Community, Armor Plates System - Standalone Alternative Medical System, Damage from Vehicle Collision Never to be released as a mod of course . (For our discussion let's assume its a kinetic round on track for a direct hit vs. an AFV). We can pre-apply contact adhesives that are solvent activated or pre-apply PSA or provide plain backed. is loaded, APS will switch its standalone arcade mode to a more realistically one. Case B: The projectile does not penetrate through the entire FG. The location nearest the impact point gets the most, and it falls off geometrically. ), the best practice is to translate them into RHA-equivalent thickness. In this case the Hitpoint will receive 100% of the directDamage (directDamage = (Hit - indirectHit)*speedmodifier ) of the projectile. , When ACE with its medical components (rewrite and NOT old medical!)

More on those below. Note: The black label background requires less heat and runs at faster speeds to transfer ink from ribbon to label since ink coverage is minimal compared to a white labels that requires 90% ink coverage to make the background black. Diecut shapes can be pre-printed with durable inks per your font, location and testing requirements.

[#>0,m?] the damage FG is not fully encased in spheres, the spheres are not evenly placed within the FG, several of the spheres are submerged inside the FG. The four new properties account for the additional effect of a rocket motor: after "initTime", "thrust" is added to accelerate the projectile until it runs out ("thrustTime"), while "maxSpeed" puts a cap on the projectile's top speed. ARMA Products have been designed and tested, with focus on improving body armor plates used by law enforcement professionals by enhancing the durability, lowering weight, reducing costs and improving the assembly methods for SPALL covering. @Diwako, I don't want to litter the place for comments. A bullet's travel time while inside a piece of fire geometry is not represented. This system makes heavy use of CBA settings, allowing server owners or mission makers to make players or AI as tanky or brittle as youd like. RAM generally ramps up these values to more or less cancel out the effect of global damage. I need extracted 3d example from game - model + all textures. Poron Cellular Urethane foam available in various thicknesses and density/hardness options and provided in roll, sheet or diecut shape with our without PSA. But doesn't that mean that players can wear a very light vest having very low stamina impact while having all the benefits of a full blown max armor vest? plate carriers cart That means a vest with 0 armor value configured will have also the same amount of slots than a heavily armored vest. ARMA-ID TPA is a thermal bonding adhesive coated to a white polyester (PET) film that is printable with (ARMA-Ribbon) black thermal transfer ink ribbon that works in your Zebra or CAB printer. Your units HP and armor plates are shown beneath the stamina bar.

Unlike face paints that must be washed off your hands and face - ARMA-Mask is clean easy to apply and remove. But something new happens as well The formula for this is unknown and also seems to be nonlinear.

Regardless, the following things happen: Every major location on the target takes some damage. Missile/Rocket ballistics are more complex (let's call them M/R's for short). It has not penetrated any armor yet. IndirectHit represents damage from explosions (not to be confused with the BIS "explosive" property). Labels are provided in roll form on 3" cores and kisscut to standard or custom label sizes. Copyright Bohemia Interactive a.s. Bohemia Interactive is a registered trademark of Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. Durable inks are used per your font, wording, placement and testing requirements. Do you mind if I use part of that code for my own personal EH? So your solution is both better to understand what is going on and also for optimization reasons. Quote " I am a scripter not a 3d modeler. BI itself increasingly has been using overlapped hitpoints in their models, so this approach should be considered safe. ARMA-Ribbons are thermal transfer printing ribbons in both black ink and white ink that are designed and tested to provide excellent print contrast, chemical/abrasion resistance and opacity on both the white PET labels and black TPU labels.

There are armor values in the configs, but it would mean to figure out what is a high armored vest and which isn't., On the Arsenal screen there are bars that show the amount of "ballistic protection".

Keep in mind there are (sometimes significant) variations to how this works for things like explosive weapons, indirectHit, deflections, etc. This page was initially based on Olds (talk) research during the creation of the Real Armor Mod ("RAM"). diwako, June 21, 2021 in ARMA 3 - ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE, Standalone Arma 3 Alternative Medical System, The Armor Plates System (APS) is at its core a stand-alone medical system. That's right, some damage has already been done regardless of whether it is pistol-round vs. tank or sabot vs. bunny. The size of this radius depends on directDamage value of the projectile. ARMA-Patch Heat bondable fabric patches for quick repair of fabric backpacks, clothing, tents, outdoor gear etc. Values between 0 and 1 control the ratio of kinetic-to-explosive damage (i.e. respect LOS thickness, so you can use those where necessary. The fall off rate is hardcoded and independant of other variables. Weapons with no or 0 explosive value are considered fully 'kinetic' and lose hit value as they slow below their typicalSpeed. With this release this mod has a new maintainer.

Sometime in Q1 of 2015, the RAM information will be removed from this page and relocated to its own wiki. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of these things. Generally a smaller number of (higher-radius) spheres can be used to define a volume. If the projectile has just about enough penetration to penetrate the block, so that it is exit speed is < 0.1 m/s (means it falls straight to the ground after exit) the damage dealt will not be 1.0, but somewhere around 0.22. The polygons represent FG and the purple circles represent the virtual spheres created by hitpoint vertices and their radii. Strike Foams Strike face, back face and edge foam protection that withstand drop test and environmental requirements are available in four material groupings: ARMA-ID PSA is a peel and stick hi bond adhesive applied to a matte white polyester (PET) film printable with (ARMA-Ribbon) black thermal transfer ink ribbon. Yeah i especially wanted to avoid the need to edit vest configs. RAM contains such an approach. How exactly global damage is applied specifically is still a mystery. However, the Hitpoint can still be damaged by this, as projectiles have an "internal indirect damage radius", independant of indirectHit and indirectHitRange. BI tends to greatly exaggerate hit values for large caliber weapons, while RAM generally reduces them values to prevent armor-overwhelming damage. Arma fully simulates the trajectory through a piece of fire geometry only for projectiles that make it all the way through. (The VBS links are very useful, but do contain some obsolete/irrelevant information), Limits & Peculiarities of the Penetration Sim, Hitpoint Placement for Damage Consistency, Concluding Remarks on Armor & Penetration in Arma 3, #Hitpoint Placement for Damage Consistency, in the somewhat puzzling way that they do,, Within 1x iHR: full iH damage is dealt to Hitlocations, Range >1xiHR and <4xiHR: iH damage dealt to Hitlocations falls off and can be calculated with iH_mod = iH / x^4 where x is the range expressed in multiples of iHR. hit is modified by the current speed of the projectile: ammo with an "explosive" value > 0 only has the (1 -, Global "health": cfgVehicles global "armor" value, Local ('hitpoint' location) "health": [location armor value] = [cfgVehicles global "armor" value] x [HitPoints class "armor" coefficient]. Valve Corporation. This damage is applied to global damage as well, but reduced via passthrough value on the hitlocation and the global armorStructural value. Internal structure should be blocked in for receiving damage--see, Avoid overlapping FG. For distances to the target >indirectHitRange and <4*indirectHitRange the damage falls off and can be calculated with indirectHit_mod = indirectHit * 1/ x^4, where x is the distance to the target expressed in multiples of indirectHitRange. Such projectiles travel based on their muzzle velocity (initSpeed) and aerodynamic drag (airFriction), along with gravity-induced vertical drop. Bullet/Shell ballistics are very simple and quite accurate. Ceramic plates are also getting destroyed faster the less integrity (health) they have left, making it more likely that a gunshot will damage deeper protective layers. As soon as the bullet impacts the geometry, the game calculates whether it has enough penetration to make it through. Is there a better place to discuss this?, This part on the oldhandledamage eh was very weird to me:. Loving the filter because the handleDamage is such a mess that it is the best option just to pass the greater damage and leave allresidual weird damage that only spam the EH and hurts performance. It causes damage out to 4x it is indirectHitRange (which is a radius). Penetration is simply a factor of [remaining projectile speed at impact] and [CfgAmmo>"caliber"]. If you are playing a mission that is incompatible with this system or uses its own medical system with it, you can simply disable the Armor Plates System, restart the mission, and play the mission without this mod interfering.,, But your FG must also accommodate the way the damage sim works. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Right now no plans, It was originally made with ace loaded and just the medical part cut out. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Arma 3. The recommendations above will do nothing to make a vehicle safe from explosive damage--termed "indirectHit" damage in Arma terminology. Brock 5.1lb density EPP foam available in various thicknesses and provided in roll, sheet or diecut shape with our without PSA. Unguided Bullets, Shells, and Rockets (simulation = "shotRocket") ballistics are calculated locally/on the client only. The only properties that influence trajectory are initSpeed (CfgMagazines), airFriction (CfgAmmo) and coefGravity (CfgAmmo, default=1). The previous section focused on general hitpoint placement with respect to armor and the penetration sim. ARMA Products have been designed and tested, with focus on improving DOD level body armor plates by enhancing the durability, lowering weight, reducing costs and improving the assembly methods for SPALL covering. it is based on indirectHit value only (hit value does not affect it). But it is not clear that they add anything to the simulation of unguided M/R trajectories.