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Based on all the hype and recommendations, I was expecting superior flavors. Service was also stellar, though I was disappointed to hear that the restaurant allegedly mistreats its staff; hope thats not true, as would hate to contribute to the already cutthroat culture of the fine dining scene. @bigtablefarm Carlton, OR, Peach Bourbon Smash I also found the patterns and colors of the tabletops distracting, taking my eye away from the food. Located in an old mansion in Mexico City's trendy Roma Norte neighborhood, Rosetta offers diners a delightful atmosphere. But dont get me wrong, the food is one of the best I ever tried in my life. My favorite restaurant in Mxico City so far with impeccable service and outstanding food. We scoured through the internet and read through, Tennyson 133, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11570 Ciudad de Mxico, CDMX, Mexico. Never again. lvaro Obregn 31, Roma Nte., Cuauhtmoc, 06700 Ciudad de Mxico, CDMX, Mexico, Sinaloa 141, Roma Nte., Cuauhtmoc, 06700 Ciudad de Mxico, CDMX, Mexico. Hi, I'm Dave, the Chief Eater at Feastio. I didnt have lunch this day so the sickness has to come from this restaurant. Strawberry Mezcal Mojito Theme by 17th Avenue. So happy we came here. No matterthe seafood is fresh and there's enough cured ham to please everyone. Chefs Marcos Fulcheri and Carlo Melndez favor seasonal ingredients and have a knack for transforming rare insects into approachable plates. Success in Mexico City led Olvera to open Cosme and Atla in New York City and Damian in Los Angeles. Hacienda de Encinillas Seleccin Especial Tinto 2019 typically a cabernet sauvignon heavy, Bordeaux blend that was a delightful surprise because we typically dont love Mexican red wines. Their dishes are ok. In 2021, Quintonil ranked #8 on the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America list and #27 on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Food came out a bit slow though; it took 3 hours for a 7 course meal. Representing a new wave Mexican cooking, the kitchen here serves a long, 10-course tasting menu that showcases indigenous Mexican ingredients: corn, beans, squash, chiles, and mushrooms. The attention from the staff is very good. We especially appreciated Brandon's approach: he brings 50% Ingles, we bring 50% Espaol, and we meet in the middle! And a special shout-out goes to Volcn Dulce de Leche! Im still dreaming of the way this wine paired with the octopus. Pros: Cafe de Tacuba is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I discovered San Angel Inn when I toured the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. The entres were a la carte and still can't decide what was better.. I would recommend Quintonil to anyone! Pujol is arguably one of the best restaurants in Mexico City and has been on the Top 50 List of best restaurants in the world for the past five years pretty impressive. The staff are friendly, so as long as you know how to say the name of the food, you should be fine. Also unlike some of the higher end drinking establishments I went to, the bartenders seemed a bit less knowledgeable and more interested in talking or looking at their phone. I'm a travel blogger on a mission to find the world's best food. Enrique Olvera moved his groundbreaking Pujol to a new location in Polanco in the spring of 2017, not far from the original. Everything I mean everything was super sweet except for the dessert. Maximo Bistrot is a farm-to-table restaurant thats kind of French, kind of Mexican. Masaryk 311-nivel 3, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11550 Ciudad de Mxico, CDMX, Mexico, The 34 Best Places To Eat & Drink In Mexico City - Mexico City, 38 Standout Dining Destinations in Mexico City. It's in a 17th-century convent adorned with colorful tilework and colonial paintings. It was a quiet evening and we had attentive service. Great lunch experience on a warm Saturday afternoon. Jamon serrano, braised octopus with pimenton, and chorizo a la Sidra are all well done here, but the dish that everyone orders is the chamorroan entire pork shank simmered in its own fat until it falls off the bone, served with warm tortillas, cilantro, onion, and salsa. There are so many options and I wish I could share the invigorating smell with you all but youll just have to check it out yourself . The service was amazing, one of the best restaurants I have eaten in Mexico City!!! The beautiful, low-ceilinged space feels like a meditation retreat for billionaires and the huge number of servers silently move around like a veteran ballet troupe. Everything is nicely presented and prompt. The waiters were kind and very attentive. While several waiters were nice, one treated me in a grumpy manner. Don't expect any fancy craft cocktails but they do the classics really well, and can tweak and twist them to your taste. It wasnt sweet. Situated in the patio of a massive house and at the helm of chef Ricardo Muz Zurita (Chef of the Year, 2008). Order a few of those and huevos con frijoleseggs scrambled with refried black beans in pork fat.

The chef is an artist and his creation a masterpiece. As mentioned in this NY Times article, he worked at Pujol from 2007 to 2011 as the Chef de Cuisine before a loan from his uncle allowed him to open Maximo Bistrot with his wife, Gabriela. Version 2.0 is an indoor/outdoor experience that encourages co-mingling of guests, whereas the old townhouse was an oasis of intimacy and privacy. It was an incredible experience and would absolutely recommend. The food journey was a beautifully composed narrative that was inventive and playful while referencing a variety of local food regions. The live music was lovely. I will be backthank you! It honestly wasnt that good and so strong I had to chase it was water after every sip. Youll experience best food and service here!!! Like Pujol, Quintonil has also earned its spot on the Top 50 List. A high-end reference point for contemporary Mexican food for almost 20 years. A new direction: Chef Enrique Olvera founded Pujol back in 2000 with the vision to showcase everything about Mexican gastronomy, from its unique techniques and inimitable spices to the countrys rich history. Many of Mexico's recipes were made in churches and monasteries, says Ballesteros. The rooms upstairs are nice but I prefer the bar, next to a tree! If you want a great, different experience, try it! I had my sixth trip planned for April 2020, with plans to re-visit Pujol, Quintonil, and Sud 777 and try more of the best places; however, I've had to postpone it. Excellent service and very clean. And you really have to love and appreciate mole for one of the plates, which I guess I don't enough because it was like eating a plate of sauce. If youre vegan try the mushroom taco. And while Quintonil temporarily leapfrogged ahead of Pujol on the Worlds 50 Best list, Pujol has once again pulled ahead. Service was great! This place is excellent - all the flavor of a street stand with a little more room, in case you're with a group. Yucatan 84, Roma Nte., Cuauhtmoc, 06700 Ciudad de Mxico, CDMX, Mexico, Av. 1. He left Mugaritz in 2015 at the height of his fame to return home to Mexico City to open Lorea. The food is innovative, creative, and most importantly delicious. This is a real authentic old fashion cantina! While the selection changes seasonally, the signature Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo two concentric rings of the traditional Mexican preparation, one of which is aged for 2,500 days is a stable feature, alongside a steamy dish of baby corn with chicatana ant mayonnaise. Pujol alum chef Jorge Vallejo opened Quintonil with his wife, Alejandra Flores, in 2012. Add one or more of these historical spots for an old-world atmosphere with your meal. We started with the delicious Tortilla soups and a Venison dish. I think they need to work on price transparency on the drinks and it will make the customers feel more comfortable with their experience. I ordered my drink and when I got back one minute later from washing my hands, they had already plopped it in front of me when I was away how did they make it that fast? A demure plaque outside a nondescript Roma townhouse marks the entrance to Lorea, a new restaurant that highlights the talents of Mexico City native Oswaldo Oliva, who spent the past decade cooking in Spain. We did the tasting menu and were very full of delicious food by the end. My wife and I came to Antolina based on a local friend's recommendation because it has great incorporation of Oaxacan food and culture with a modern twist. Everything was perfect. Don't go to his place. Nice place to eat seafood! I had a nice evening at Ellys. You have to stop here. Ellys is amazing.

The soft shell crab was phenomenal and the artichoke soup was heaven. Once you take a seat at the bar and start drinking the cocktails, youll realize the effort was worth it. We had the shrimp ceviche and two mezcal based cocktails which hit the spot. Quintonil shines as a deep expression of Mexican cooking and herbal notes, brimming with completely different flavors (in a good way). Unassuming, long-standing hangout offering Spanish specialties in a down-to-earth dining room. An absolutely stunning and interesting white wine from Spain that I could drink every night of the week. Very nice. Vaulted ceilings add dramatic flair to dining rooms, which have hosted their fair share of celebrities, including Mexican artist Diego Rivera. The raw clams, aguachiles, octopus tostadas, and house-made aioli are especially nice, and the French fries here are some of the best in town. We tried 4 dishes and everything was delicious. Maximo Bistrot ranks #33 on the 2021 list of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants. If you, Introducing NEFT vodka, a new vodka brand for Summ, NEW BLOG Top ros wines from Washington State, The perfect day spent on Red Mountain with @hedges, Three new wine labels to look out for from the Willamette Valley, At The Joy, Willamette Valley Wine Country Stay, Best ros wines to drink from Washington State.

While I enjoyed the food and service, the lighting was so dim I had a hard time making out what I was eating. The best restaurants in Mexico City range from world-class fine dining to a century-old restaurant in the historic center. Price was also very affordable, even with the wine pairing. Cons: They're currently serving their seafood tasting menu. Related: Best Restaurants in Latin America. If youre in Centro, make a reservation and pay them a visit. The tasting menu was the perfect amount of food and the flavors were refined, inventive, and one course was so well presented and delicious looking, I forgot to even take a pic. I can see they have put some effort into making it as authentic as possible. Norma Listman and Saqib Keval are the chefs in charge of the impressive kitchen at Masala y Maiz. Contramar - Another seafood restaurant in Condesa that gets rave reviews. I enjoyed it with the fish. I would say its a bit pricey for what we ate, and service is slow. Black-painted walls and white tablecloths gave it an air of formality when I ate there. In short, if you had a doubt - this place is well worth the price, which is more than acceptable compared to other Michelin-starred tasting menus. Tacos are fine. Our table had most mains - steak, fish, pasta, and starters such as asparagus soup, ceviche, pate, and everything is just excellent. Tl;dr great for a trip to check it out, but probably wouldnt go back. Tennyson 133, Polanco, 11570 Mexico City, Mexico, The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2021 51-100, The Best Restaurant in North America 2021. Incredible food from all over Mexico. I wish other restaurants adopted the idea of a paper bag for masks. A super experience!! The taste of the food is just like the old good times. Came for the chilaquiles and the eggs and beans. innes soto My waiter brought another waiter who speaks better English telling me that one appetizer is costing more than three. Reygadas also operates a small bakery,Panaderia Rosetta, a block away. High quality espresso drinks, had a latte and a mocha. This isn't basic like chicken tikka masala tacos. In 2017, Pujol moved to a larger space in a mid-century building in Polanco. Wine selection was outstanding, they surprised me with an option of a bottle of Spanish Albario. Three workers were just hanging out at the end of the bar on their phones. As previously stated, chef Jorge Vallejo is a former protg of Enrique Olvera at Pujol. The former residence became San Angel Inn when it opened as a restaurant on June 13, 1963.

Chefs Daniel Ovadia and Salvador Orozco put on quite a show. This reservation-required bar is, in fact, in a basement, but one that can only be accessed through the door of a refrigerator in the back of a neighboring taco shop. I dont know about you, Sit here and tell me all about your wine collectio, Beverlys at The Coeur dAlene Resort The chicken wings are some of the best Ive ever had. The pompi de jaiba was delicious, but tacos were just OK. We've compiled data from NASA on what the weather is like in Mexico City for each month of the year: see the links below for more information. They show live champions league games and other sporting events on their huge screen upstairs. I paid in cash and she returned the change of 400 pesos in a huge pile of coins, which I found very rude. The two-level, plant-filled interior is part of what makes going to this restaurant a 30-minute drive south of Polanco such a fun experience. However, this place leaves you feeling ripped off cause the servers will recommend you drinks based on your preference and you trust the server that it's going to be a reasonable price in comparison to the food. Cool bar with good music and funky drinks. OJ was very sus - like it wasnt real OJ. Led by chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita, the Azul restaurant offers traditional Mexican cuisine. The food here is always changing but the format isn't. Love this spot! Sometimes, its a hit and sometimes its a miss. I dont know when the schedule begins but when they have their chocolate concha fresh out of the oven, its the best of its kind. I went for lunch with the hopes of better lighting, a bet that paid off. This place is a must! Top three craft cocktail bars in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Three Instagram worthy restaurants in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Gary Farrell, Russian River Valley Winery. Kudos for having a fernet cocktail (which had so much refined complexity). My only suggestion is that they should keep a couple high chairs on hand. Amazing place for dinner. By Mayora nuns. Centuries ago these nuns were charged with feeding compounds of people. I have been here 2 years ago and wanted to come again. Good news: You'll likely get to taste Olvera's famed mole madre dish no matter which you choose.

It depends on when you visit! Food is excellent. Most of them spoke well in English. Also WONDERFUL about my food allergy! Jess Durn has now taken the reins as Pujols chef de cuisine, continuing this quest for memorable flavours and culinary excellence. My husband and I took turns eating and holding him. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary here and had the kitchen set menu and It was amazing! Service was impeccable and fast, and informative. The seasonal menu at Maximo Bistrot relies on local products, including local produce grown at the floating gardens of Xochimilco. I was most pleasantly surprised by the desserts - each better than the next, including a special birthday cake I received on the house Sure: pricing is at the level of what you find in other hip restaurants in other large cities (actually New York and San Francisco are much more expensive) but I thought that the dishes were overall very interesting. They quickly garnered international attention; Anthony Bourdain featured Maximo Bistrot on his Mexico City episode of Parts Unknown. It gets pretty busy so I recommend going early. Fine decor, Beautiful atmosphere, Excellent service and to top it all? And we ordered Thai sticky rice with mango thats my favorite dessert but to my surprise it was regular rice dumped in watery coconut water topped with blandest mango ice cream. But today I know this, now I understand why the vibe was almost unbearable. The shrimps I got (450 pesos) tastes like Walmart frozen fried foods. The first time I dined at Azul Condesa, it was chile season, so I ordered chiles en nogada (stuffed chiles), a traditional dish from Puebla. Would definitely be back as there was so much more I wanted to try but was stuffed. Located on a Condesa side street, this tiny, daytime-only Mexican/Indian restaurant is essentially one long, indoor concrete alleyway with a giant communal table going down the middle of it. Brunch options & tasting menus, including tacos, ceviche & suckling pig, paired with Mexican wines. The most refreshing bou, Aperol Sour

No one ever checked on us. It's a blend of both cuisines and very flavorful. SHEESH. I had an excellent three-course a la carte lunch, including a colorful heirloom tomato salad, succulent braised short rib with polenta, and a pink mole dessert. Beautiful people. Though technically a bar, Sella is more of an old-world cantina that, like most classic ones in Mexico, feels Spanish. About Feastio. Our waiters spoke English, which was much appreciated. Great and knowledgeable people. Making New Friends it's a must place to go to. Dishes were well presented but apparently the restaurant doesnt sufficiently adhere to hygiene standards. Chef Oswaldo Oliva worked for seven years at Mugaritz in San Sebastian, and at El Celler de Can Roca in Catalonia before that.

Nothing spectacular, but yet serviceable. The presentation and uniqueness of the dishes made the experience magical. Good ambiance and friendly staff. The wait staff is super helpful and attentive. Enrique Olverathe chef behind New York's Cosme and Atlaoffers two different dining options at his highly acclaimed Pujol: a multi-course tasting menu in the formal dining room and a "taco omakase" meal at the low-slung bar featuring various tacos, antojitos, and botanas. I went to this restaurant a few months ago, not great not bad. Nice selection of natural wine. Sure, a corner neighbourhood taco joint can be just as tasty and far cheaper, but Pramo is worth the splurge. See also: 15 of the World's Best Restaurants. Had leek, sweet potato, artichoke & cauliflower all were bursting with flavour and mixed with interesting texture. Applying contemporary cooking techniques with local ingredients and traditional recipes has helped elevate Mexican cuisine. The main dishes that we had (fish of the day and crab roll) were really good, however regular french fries (with truffles) were overcooked and tasted like paper. When we peered in to give ourselves a quick tour of the beautiful venue, the staffs actually took us around and gave a quick tour very kind & obviously appreciated. As for the drinks, these were the most expensive drinks i had in CDMX at $260 pesos and it honestly wasnt very good. Soft-shell crab & spicy fish tacos in an airy dining room with an expansive plant-filled patio. I have enjoyed the overall experience. All of them had amazing flavours. I returned three more times in the following 12 months, trying more new restaurants on every visit. Absolutely loved the discrete use of Mexican spices with my Pad See Ew. I know what youre thinking: why would I go looking for Asian food when Im surrounded by the prestige of Latin American cuisine?. A meal here doesnt feel like youre at a restaurant, it feels like youre at a house party with 20 of your closest friends, who include the husband and wife team running the show.

Guests can sit both inside the dining room and at the outdoor tables on the partly covered, terrazzo-floor patio. A true feast, Pramo does what it does very well.

This loud, informal seafood/oyster bar in Roma is open all day on Sunday (and the rest of the week), making it a great option if youre looking for a late dinner with friends that doesnt involve raiding the chip section at the nearest grocery store. This felt like a true fusion of two cuisines that are different yet share so much in common. Absolutely worth it! Love the food! There are five guisados, classic stews cooked in ceramic cauldrons over charcoal, available each day. A bar/lounge occupies the ground floor, where you can kick off the night with a cocktail before heading upstairs for dinner. Overall a cool place but the customer base defiantly skews American. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, the food was delicious, lots of mezcales (even rare ones), tequilas, wine.. They eventually moved to CDMX and opened Noso, but their timing wasnt particularly great. I went on a Sunday and they had a rabbit paella that blew my mind, only in Valencia I had tried something similar! Could have used some substance and texture. Mximo Bistrot is a true farm-to-table restaurant, a relatively new thing for Mexico City. Well, El 123 is definitely close to the top of Mexico Citys coolest places to eat, and with reason. The highlight was the beef braised donuts and the squid ink risotto. But we literally could not get the bartenders attention to order a second drink. You want to be here for lunch - the kitchen closes at 6:30pm most nights (8pm Friday and Saturday), and the upbeat, busy restaurant is at its best during the day when the sprawling dining room becomes an all-out party. This place has become legendary for its seafood-focused menu, and you should absolutely make a point to come here for the tuna tostadas and whole fish covered in red and green sauce. Paired with their baked goods an absolute treat. Portion size is accurate and you will not leave hungry. But as this is one of the best renowned restaurants in the country, you may want to book your reservation before you book your flight. The food is vibrant in taste and flavours, and the scenery is indeed photographic (even if rightfully so many reviews here mention the words foreigners and hipster). If you feel like talking to this person, then finish their sentence with Pujol. This high-end Mexican spot in the middle of Polanco is one of the most well-known restaurants in the world, and its where you should go with a small group of friends if youre looking to have one splurge meal in Mexico City. However when the bill comes, the wines by the glass are way more expensive than imagined, and much more so even than the plates of food. The atmosphere is pleasing, I do love the actual vinyl playing in the background. You have to get the Octopus Tostadas and the fig tart for dessert, its to die for. So after 5-10 minutes they walked by and I asked for the check. Mexican chef Edgar Nuez joined Sud 777 as Executive Chef in 2008 and has helped turn it into one of Mexico City's best restaurants. acqua restaurants