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OP, if you previously played a Stealth Archer then everything else will feel underpowered for you. Experiment to your leisure :), With the mods you have now, your game is already has an immense visual improvement in general. Load after other weather mods if using any. While Dolomite is technically a predecessor to Obsidian, I personally still prefer some elements from it over Obsidian's composition. For all night sky related mods, if such a version is available, always install 2k resolution one. eVx ENB You're good to go. But trust me - we're only beginning! Mountains mods. Breakthrough, Guard. This modlist includes various mods - from combat & spells, to quests & animations - but not only mods themselves, yet also certain advice on them (i.e. Beautiful mod that adds various ruined structures and statues across Skyrim. Stave Church of Skyrim ==NEW== Also, make sure to install this fix ==NEW==. Modules can also list certain ENB presets that I see "fitting" the mod list purpose in general and have certain advice about graphics mods in general - but these recommendations is just a cosmetical advice. If you are not aimed on max results in terms of graphics, you can just skip the rest of graphics mods and continue to gameplay part of the guide. To avoid this - install population mods one by one and check your performance ingame, testing affected areas like cities, forts or faction battles. Your rig is pretty old, but you still want somehow to run ENB and some graphics mods? Take into account that in most of cases, you shouldn't use more than one mod that affects the same settlement, as this will lead to major clipping issues or a completely borked look - so if you're relatively new to modding, always just choose one mod affecting certain area. (148) RASR is somewhat like a mix of these two, a pretty underrated gem and Realm of Lorkhan is a really fresh and unique alternate start mod, which may look note quite "lore-friendly" to some players, but it's really well-designed and give you very interesting starting choices for your character class and even curses - negative attributes to balance class bonuses (if you want so, all these features are entirely optional - my only 2 cents about it is that some class bonuses are still somewhat too strong even with curses, so you may want to adjust them in SSEEdit, which is very simple). Better Solstheim Locations | magicka mods skyrim awakened nexusmods Everything to make them look better, expand, and sometimes even rebuild completely. FPS hit will depend completely and only on your resolution choice. Best support from the side of ENB presets. I still have the vanilla magic system, and as we all know, most of the spells are underwhelming, especially destruction. Implement them. - (324) What to pick? 10) Download Merge Plugins (if you're on NMM) or zEdit (if you're on MO2). Realistic Lighting Overhaul Have new challenges, findings and ambient atmosphere? Do not use Vortex to mod Skyrim. Also, LOOT shows you all you need to know about your installed mods - errors, missing records etc. It's recommended to get up to 4-6 big quest/new land mods and a few smaller ones.Now, first of all, a few mods which are not directly adding new quests but rather affect quest-related aspects of gameplay in general, QOL for questing to say so: Now, to the quest and new land mods themselves. Join our Discord. Also, if you possibly love its rain/snow effects, but wanna use other weather mod, you can use this little addon with other weather mods. Try all of them and choose the one most suitable for you. which spells to use and how, for example), and even A to Z character build videos on my YT channel. All of them can and most likely will screw up your modded game and/or it's many settings. Good! Health Adds several wooden bridges across the northern marshlands of Hjaalmarch (the region where some bridges would actually not hurt, imo). One or more of these words sounds good for you to be placed in Skyrim wilderness? (148) Yet, today SE ENB presets look pretty great and so here are some of the most well-made of them, and with different styles as much as it's possible in SE. Ominous ENB They transform the landscapes of Skyrim in this or that way - adds or remove trees, making wilderness more dense or barren, change the look of terrain, roads, bridges, or just completely transforming Skyrim into something new - with spring, summer or purely winter region. Don't forger to grab the CTD fix ==NEW== and, optional, these addons here and here ==NEW==. Amazing and essential tool to achieve maximum possible compatibility between all your mods. WOW! A general note about SKSE-based mods and what to do with them. It will partially cross with others, but what differs it from them is the exact pick of some mods in situations where you have the choice, to maintain the difficulty balance mentioned. Semirealis ENB,Intrigued ENB,NVT ENB Also, it's not quite the most popluar mod manager, so it lacks usage tutorials, and you'll need to learn how to use/troubleshoot it yourself. If you're sure you'll be playing exactly with this archetype now - look here for sure. Dive into. - (188) Anyone know of any? Hardcore combat and survival? Rorikstead Basalt Cliffs An amazing candidate if you wanna weathers and general ambience be more cinematic. Important note #1: Each of modules assumes you already implemented Stability and Graphics parts of the guide. Increases the size of the Azura Shrine so that its visible from all around Skyrim. Try it if you wanna some COLOURS. I'll explain it later in the guide :) The Ruins I find summons rather useful actually. So when it comes to gameplay mods (most of which have scripts in this or that amount), you need to be same careful in SE. Amazing mod that's adding and improving shadows in interiors. It's an awesome tool for cleaning your mods, making changes to mod records (like balancing various values up to your taste, deleting conflicting and/or unneeded objects and so on) and more.Mods may contain "dirty" records and some other issues, and when you have hundreds of mods, that could be a problem and cause crashes. Weather mods compatibility:Vivid. Weather mods compatibility:Obsidian, Cathedral. The UESPWiki Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995,, Legends-Cards-Creature with Unique Abilities. Also install iHUD. Vividian ENB - Before you'll start modding. Everything to make you feel not just playing a character in game, but to "feel" this game better and have better interaction with the world around you. Mythical Ages - weathers and lighting overhaul Rudy ENB People just didn't know at first how to get them to use custom gear. The more independent I will fee myself as an author - the less stress and more free time I'll have - and so, the faster new updates and modules will arrive, and new projects will appear as well. Note: Read the mod page carefully and install only ONE esp from many that are in the archive. Vibrant, bright preset for Skyrim VR. Some ENB presets may have "lightweight" gameplay DOF - so only very distant views are blurred. Kortex is something in between, more similar to MO, but has own pros and cons over it (look here for comparison). "Old but good" weather mod that's making Skyrim weathers more interesting than it was in vanilla game, but still sticking much to original atmosphere as much as possible. If you're sure you'll be playing exactly with this archetype now - look here for sure. In addition, you can always be sure it's always uptodate with all newest ENB effects and it's also an absolute champion in terms of compatibility - it has version for almost each weather mod and compatible with all 3 popular lighting mods at the same time. Once again, this is a great tool with a lot of efforts put into it, but I simply can't directly recommend or disrecommend it. Flower Fields Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations and more in-depth review, you can take a look at some of these spell mods in action: First, let's see some magic-related mods that are improving spellcasting/learning experience in this or that way: Between the next few mods below, choose one: Mods introducing dedicated spellsword mechanics. Click "Hide" again to close it :) Please also note that this guide is still designed for modern rigs - yet, guide also has section for low-end rigs, and many other advises here and there, as well as performance-hungry mods marked - so, you can build an ultimate setup for your own PC, no matter what it strength is. Now choose one from the next 3 mods which are retexturing Nordic dungeons somehow "forgotten" by big mods before, or just doing it better: Great, now a few more mods for core graphics setup: Note #1: Always read the grass mod pages carefully, as each mod usually requires of settings in Skyrim.ini [GRASS] section. 8 Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations, you can take a look at some of the best mods released in 2018: Vanilla player homes and estates overhauls. Keep them OUT of combat. Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces ==NEW== If no - install it. Soul Trap A true hero of Skyrim. Lighting mods compatibility:None officially supported, but looking fine with ELFX. One more vibrant weather mod, but with some cold touches from time to time. Huge amount of mods that previously were grouped into a humongous chunks of lists, were sorted and divided into subsections, as well as new expandable subsections added for easier navigation and not that "scary" look of some of them. Combat & stealth, perks & spells, AI & animations, creatures & factions. Even more, you can actually even use DOF files between different TES/FO games - for example, I'm using Rudy ENB LE DOF in New Vegas and Oblivion, and so on. And when you will install let's say, 200+ mods and start a new game, your Skyrim will be very heavy overloaded. Choose one: More enemies, more sudden encounters, more civil war battles, more neutral NPCs as well. 13) The last in this section, but important and mandatory step. . DO NOT USE BOTH FNIS AND NEMESIS TOGETHER, CHOOSE ONE. As for the grass mod, go for Northern Grass, Verdant or Veydosebrom. Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Just choose the mod list that you like the most, by reading its description - and then simply mimic it in no time. Everything is here. Nothing more to add other than to check in TES5Edit for any conflicts with its perks - turns out weapons and armors attributes uses the same alchemy one to distribute some of its effects. Somewhat cinematic preset with "vanilla-wise" look in general. Pala - Custom Palettes for ENB Lighting mods compatibility:ELFX. The next 4 mods are optional, get a peek: Note: You can also make grass to be more "windy" (sway more noticeable under the wind) by adding the next line under the [Display] in Skyrim.ini - fWindGrassMultiplier=X, where X is the value like 3,5,7, 11 etc. Weather mods compatibility:Vivid Weathers. Which one to use, what is the difference? let's continue to animation mods themselves, shall we? NPC (2000) You may also find this mod useful - it offers patches for two popular mods, and this one as well (ofc, use them only if you'll be using the named mods). Indeed it is, but technically Nemesis is still in beta atm - it works flawlessly though and it's absolutely safe to use it, but for now both will still be linked. Look here! Alternative and more lightweight approach to changing the game lighting - if you aren't sure, just try both mods above, and this combo, and then choose one you like the most :) ELE mod Files tab also has a few patches for some popular mods. Combat and absolutely "civil" related as well. (Exactly stutters - short-time game freezes, not the regular fps drops). Gameplay Features part is for magic/spells/perks/combat and many other mods that affect your gameplay variety and difficulty. An ENB preset for Vivid Weathers author for Vivid Weathers mod. Note: Such mods may be or not be compatible, as most of them change many NPCs, you can have a situation when you want to install two mods, but they change some same NPCs. 12) Get the Cathedral Assets Optimizer It's said this tool is doing everything both Bashed and Merged patch are doing in terms of conflicts, but just better. Great! Decorating Madness Check out this amazing author's page to get a compatibility for many other popular weather mods. So a good UI mod always comes in handy. Also has a good support in terms of ENB presets available. For the changelog of the update 3.0 itself, read below . A stripped down brother of the same named preset in Skyrim LE, it comes with good touch of realism, a bit of vibrancy and generally soft look. Second, "Part 2", you should download manually, unpack and place all 3 .dll files to your Skyrim root folder (where Skyrim exe is). Also has a good support in terms of ENB presets available. Second one - don't use ENB AA and use TAA (set in game launcher settings). It's literally impossible to list absolutely all great mod of this category here as there are hundreds or even thousands of such mods, so that's just mostly my personal list of mods that are either beautiful and lore-friendly, or I admire them for really unique look and/or great textures quality. Lastly, if you're planning to actually play as vampire/werewolf not only during Dawnguard and Companions questlines, install these (one or both): This module is a highly immersive one, for player who wanna have overall game improvements and some new feature and content here and there for sure, but want Skyrim harsh environment to be the main challenge in first turn, without hardcore combat itself. Wonders of Weather My fav is "Vivid Landscapes - Rocking Stones and Mountains" one. Weather mods compatibility:Obdisian, Dolomite, Rustic, vivid, NAT, COT, Mythical, Aequinoctium and all weather mods of this preset author. After you've finished these steps, just sort your load order with LOOT and you're ready to go. If everything or some from this is what you're thinking about, think no more and dive into this section. Inspired by Grim and Somber ENB in Skyrim LE, this preset is cinematic, dark and grim. Windhelm Lighthouse Bent Pines II Now, let's look on some great enemy overhauls that are affecting enemies in general - their AI, skills, leveling and so on - everyting to make your enemies really worth a fight, a challenging opponents. Seeking more PNG image null? For regular gameplay, taking something like 8k skin or 2k brows makes no practical sense and will just waste your VRAM. With this mod setup, game will be cruel and dangerous to you, in first turn, because of fearsome, strongly realistic survival aspects. Expansion contains list of mods that add new lands/dungeons/quests/armors and weapons and so on. Read the mod pages and choose one your prefer yourself. Awakened Dreamer is a rare Agility creature card. For me personally, it's doing this job better than any other weather mod above. Why you need this? We ask that you please take a minute to read through the rules and check out the resources provided before creating a post, especially if you are new here. Organic ENB Q: why not to use Smashed Patch instead? It has amazing quality of shaders, a gret balance between fantasy, cinematic and realistic look, great performance. Think no more and try this one. (742) What do you think? OK, so a more nuanced approach to mass-murder is needed. Cyrn ENB Enchantments, shouts & minor related mods: You can also look on the spell mods I'm personally using in my ultimate mod list, but take into account it was made for LE initially, but you can still reproduce the mod list mostly. Basically a port of "SHADOWS" mod from Skyrim LE. Clear Skies Fix SE This mod list is small and will not change any game mechanics drastically, but fix bugs or just plainly boring/silly vanilla mechanics, and add some content here and there - but in absolutely non-intrusive way. An example of how your game can look like in simple before/after comparison: Now, the first and most important rule. Awakened Imperfect is available in Clockwork City Act 3. Now proceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section. 9) Install Wrye Bash. This is a process of plesantly smashing each ugly texture left, as much as possible. Such damage! Magicka Png is a completely free picture material, which can be downloaded and shared unlimitedly. It's a mod list for those who already played with mods for some time and want "advance to the next level" and build their first really heavy-modded game - but, it's also not "that" huge to become ovewhelming in terms of both gameplay or modlist building process itself. Usually, you can install as many eyes and hair mods as you want - just be sure these mods are standalone. But goes fine with ELFX and vanilla lighting too. Towns, cities, villages, forts & camps. This guide is a brother of my Skyrim LE graphics and gameplay guides, in a single one - and a result of many months of modding Skyrim. Have a strong rig, but need to gain a few FPS? Gates are not functioning ofc, and serving more like and Oblivion nostalgia element. FENB ==NEW== Quests and new lands, dungeons, new armors, weapons and artifacts, followers and player homes. As for the main tree mod, I'd recommend to go with Lush Vanilla Trees or EVT [without] bigger trees option in installer. I wanted a mod that retains the vanilla spells and feel, and just crunches the numbers differently, regarding power and duration. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lighting mods compatibility:ELFX. Stealth archer with bound bow! - Also, make sure to disable autosaves in SkyrimPrefs.ini (set bSaveOnPause, bSaveOnTravel, bSaveOnWait and bSaveOnRest to 0). zEdit is like a successor to xEdit - but please take into account though that it's still a WIP (work in progress) project. Ragnarok Enb 4) My PC can't afford DynDOLOD and ENB DOF, but I don't want to see these ugly LODs! By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. A mix of cinematic and natural looking preset. Don't be afraid of it, it's not as hard to use as it may look. In fact, it gives you a sense of progression somewhat similar to a warrior that regularly upgrades/replaces his weapon, but doesn't grind it to legendary. So often it may happen you find an ENB preset greatly fitting your taste, but with terrible (for your taste) DOF. Foggy Morthal and Swamp SE Looks pretty good balanced and gives cinematic touch to vibrant Vivid Weathers itself. List of 3600+ mods (but at the same time "quality about quantity", including different variants to choose from) to install to make your Skyrim graphics look nextgen and gameplay feel on absolutely next level - everything structurized properly so you can build both 50 and 1500 mod setups, depending on your goal. Make sure to also install .NET Script Framework which is required for Bug Fixes to work. If you're a newbie modder - better just stick to xEdit (SSEEdit) now as it's absolutely fine. Install them. Though, there may be some weird exterior lighting cases as only interior lighting changes are officially supported. I think it sounds just like what I'm after from the description, and no crippling bugs have been reported, but other users' experience is always nice to have. Also some shortening for weather/lighting mods you will see below: Vanilla - original game, no weather/lighting mod, Obsidian - Obsidian Weathers and Seasons, COT - Climates of Tamriel, NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel, Vivid - Vivid Weathers, Aequinoctium - Aequinoctium - Weathers and Seasons, Mythical Ages - Mythical Ages - weathers and lighting overhaul, Rustic - Rustic Weathers and Lighting, Dolomite - Dolomite Weathers - Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics II, Surreal - Surreal Lighting, Autumn Skies - A Weather and Lighting Mod, NLA - Natural Lighting and Atmospherics (was ported to SE in early 2021), ELFX - Enhanced Lights and FX, ELE - Enhanced Lighting for ENB, RLO - Realistic Lighting Overhaul, LUX. :), Press J to jump to the feed. Note #3: if you'll be noticing you're clearly going above 255 active .esp plugins limit ever after making Bashed Patch somewhere still in process of adding more and more mods - refer to step #2 in "actions to be made in the end" section at the deep bottom of the guide. similar to real life) in some way - needs system, camping, weather affecting character warmth and health, realistic physical abilities, AI packages and so on. Lastly, do NOT overwrite Rugnarok, Rocks/Mountains, Realistic Water Two, Pfuscher's mines and Rudy's nordic mods meshes. Cold, dark and cinematic vibes with great shaders quality. From the weather mods, I'd recommend to pick either Obsidian (also grab the ==NEW==MCM patch) or COT, or just stick to vanilla weathers. Mod also fully supports 3D LODs from DynDOLOD. Now let's get to the followers themselves - the most interesting, funny, beautiful, charismatic and badass companions you can have: Creature follower mods - new creature followers or improved vanilla beast followers: Drastically improved and beautified vanilla player homes, new player homes, castles, estates and hideouts. This mod has some patches for mods you may possibly have. Patches, fixes, compatibility notes and plenty of personal remarks included. Do you have any experience with Awakened Magicka? Why so? Here you can find something for any taste (besides the absolutely unrealistic overhauls which are not included). Some may have a very strong "screenarchery" DOF - when everything further then a few feets from your character is blurred. Good! Those textures, in like 95% cases are already covered by mods you have at this point, so these retextures are for you to choose from if you like their look more than current one or simply provide more high-quality retextures compared to "base" packs here and there. LUX ==NEW== You [can] use each and all of them [together] with other weather & lighting mods: True Storms Special Edition - Thunder Rain and Weather Redone First two presets are for Cathedral and Obsidian weathers respectively, and NVT has a lot of version for different weather mods. These are absolutely optional as they, ofc, will make game harder. Nice, let's continue with plenty of other overhauls of most different type (click "show" to open the subsection): Improved quality of vanilla sounds and music, replacers and new standalone music packs to bring maximum pleasure to your ears. 3) Download and install SkyUI. Important note #2: Some of the mod lists names may be hinting their setup, some no - mostly I just picked the names I wanted and that's it. Deep fantasy weather/lighting mod with gentle purple touch. X ENB Super bright, photorealistic to fantasy preset, inspired by Suki ENB in Skyrim LE. No automated tool is perfect (Bashed and Merged too), but atm, Smashed Patch is just working too much inaccurate which can sometimes bring you more headache than good results. The improvement in models, textures, lighting, weathers and various little, yet important details, can be significantly better. There can be several options for a same object - for example, several mods retexturing daedric armor, so there you will have several options to pick from. Nordic Runestones Then, launch your game and make NEW SAVE. It's also being supported and updated actively. Aequinoctium ENB This said, it requires a lot of work to be made compatible with lighting mods above. Spell Crafting in Oblivion let you make an immensely powerful Destruction mage. This mod adds 6 Dolmens to both Eastmarch and Rift, placedin the exact locations they were in ESO. A spellcaster class that specializes in elemental damage exclusively. Secondly, most of the links are links to mod author profiles - some of them have dozens of retexture/remodel mods, and so, this will simply save a lot of space for the guide and time for you. This patch plus this patch and this one are [absolutely essential]. Adds several Oblivion gates to the game. This modlist includes various mods - from combat & spells, to quests & animations - but not only mods themselves, yet also certain advice on them (i.e. Also there is a lot of info and videos on its Nexus page. You like Lydia from MOD2. Using destruction magic, its rather nice having a tank that you don't have to worry about killing (all the atronachs are immune to one of the three elements). Enhanced Lights and FX If not identical, the mechanics are very similar. Skyrim script engine, Papyrus. Immersion part contains mods that makes your playthrough more atmospheric and realistic in overall. mods magicka awakened magicka awakened skyrim mods magicka awakened